Meet The ERA Colonial Team

San Antonio Office
19230 Stone Oak Pkwy, Ste. 260
San Antonio, TX 78258
(210) 477-9400

Dennis Dewine, CEO and Broker

Dennis DeWine founded ERA Colonial Real Estate in Harker Heights, Texas in 1987.  Under his leadership, ERA Colonial Real Estate has grown to now include four real estate centers (Harker Heights, Georgetown, Austin, and San Antonio) with over 100 sales associates and 24 employees. Continued


Tom DeWine, President and COO

Since joining  ERA Colonial Real Estate in 2005, Tom has been engaged in marketing, technology and sales operations.   He is a licensed real estate agent in Texas and supports agents and staff through his 13 years of sales and marketing experience.

Molly Harvey, VP of Sales

Molly Harvey began her real estate career in Midland, Texas with Don Harvey Realtors.  After 5 years in Midland, the Harvey family had the opportunity to move to San Antonio.   Molly was a volunteer in numerous charitable organizations, school committees and sat on two different non-profit organization boards as she raised their two children, Hilary and Donald.  In 1999, Molly re-started her real estate career in San Antonio with Kuper Realty.  After successfully listing and selling San Antonio real estate for 4 years, she took the position of Vice President of Sales for ERA Colonial Real Estate.  It is her personal goal and mission to bring to find and attract salespeople to her office that maintain the highest ethical and professional qualities and to help them develop and achieve their personal best. 

Bob Brady
Work: (210) 489-5017
Cell: (210) 825-3426
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Charlene Busch
Work: (210) 477-9427
Cell: (210) 213-9235
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Arlene Chalkley
Work: (210) 489-5005
Cell: (210) 685-0713
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Tracy Cooper
Work: (210) 477-9422
Cell: (210) 275-9737
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Lisa Curtis
Work: (210) 477-9434
Cell: (210) 722-6220
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Amanda Dryja
Work: (210) 489-5058
Cell: (210) 548-8848
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Mary Fenlon
Work: (210) 477-9443
Cell: (210) 410-2503
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Patty Flores
Work: (210) 489-5002
Cell: (210) 875-9451
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James Floyd
Work: (210) 477-9428
Cell: (210) 410-4250
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Norma Floyd
Work: (210) 477-9438
Cell: (210) 865-6459
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Teresa Fuentes
Work: (210) 489-5033
Cell: (210) 380-6160
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Al Guzman
Work: (210) 489-5013
Cell: (210) 564-5410
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Shane Hamilton
Work: (210) 477-9407
Cell: (210) 863-7628
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Molly Harvey
Work: (210) 477-9401
Cell: (210) 844-5965
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Christi Hensley
Work: (210) 489-5009
Cell: (210) 710-2006
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Tony Hernandez
Work: (210) 477-9419
Cell: (210) 313-1099
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Chad Hughes
Work: (210) 489-5015
Cell: (210) 884-9938
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Jeanne Koplan
Work: (210) 477-9343
Cell: (210) 213-6809
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Mike LaMacchia
Work: (210) 477-9402
Cell: (210) 859-7466
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Kelly Lee
Work: (210) 477-9441
Cell: (210) 410-7355
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Bob Mabry
Work: (210) 477-9420
Cell: (210) 325-7651
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Brian Lee Montgomery
Cell: (210) 954-1862
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Cheri Morris
Work: (210) 489-5054
Cell: (210) 365-8484
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Michelle Willars
Work: (210) 477-9400
Cell: (210) 667-6724
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